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Dog Breeding Contract

The dog breeding contract is important dog breeding information to understand.




The breeding kennel “De Furioso Cazador“ from Croatia, Sisak, owner  Andrej Harčević


(hereinafter Breeder), Matije Šipraka 9, 44000 Sisak and


________________________________________ (hereinafter Purchaser(s)) have signed on the date _______________________________




Article 1


The Breeder agrees to sell and the Purchaser(s) agrees to pay the purchase price for the identified dog belonging to the breed DOGO ARGENTINO under the registered name ___________________, breed registry no. _______________________.


The Breeder guarantees the truthfulness of the information on the puppy’s origin listed in the breed registry.


Article 2


The purchase price has been determined and agreed upon at the amount of _____________, payment of which is hereby acknowledged.


The Purchaser(s) is to pay the full purchase price when taking the dog from the Breeder, minus the down payment in the amount of ______________.


Article 3


The Purchaser(s) hereby agrees to, since the moment of buying the puppy from the kennel, maintain the puppy in good condition, take care of it, and ensure sufficient and quality nutrition, adequate living environment, preventive and all other care. Should the Purchaser(s) fail to do so, the Breeder reserves the right to remove the dog from the Purchaser(s)’s care without any fees. The aforementioned is also valid in case of molestation or using the dog for dog fights.


The Purchaser(s) shall not sell or give the dog without prior agreement with the Breeder.


Article 4


Should the Purchaser(s) decide to breed the dog, their signature obliges them to:


Take the dog for hip dysplasia testing at the age of 12 months.


The Purchaser(s) shall not breed the dog without obtaining a breeding permit. The dog shall not be bred by another dog without a breeding permit.


The Breeder shall be informed about the choice of mate for the female, as well as pairings for males.


Should the Purchaser(s) opt for breeding, the female dog will have one (1) litter per year maximum and no more than five (5) in her lifespan.


Should the Purchaser(s) decide to spay or neuter the dog, they are obliged to notify the Breeder prior to such actions.


Article 5


The Breeder hereby guarantees that the puppy is healthy, dewormed, vaccinated, and has a microchip (Microchip Number _________________) all stated and evidenced in Pet Passport, number ______________________.


The Purchaser(s) reserves to right to have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian. Should they determine that the puppy is not healthy, the puppy may be returned to the Breeder within 48 hours upon purchase.


The Purchaser(s) obliges to vaccinate the dog for rabies once (1) per year.


Article 6


This Contract has been drafted in two (2) copies.


One copy of the Contract is for the Breeder and one for the Purchaser(s).


The Purchaser(s) and the Breeder verify by their respective signatures that they agree to the provision set forth in this Contract.


THE BREEDER                                                                                   THE PURCHASER(S)

                                            Andrej Harčević


____________________                                                        __________________________________






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