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De Furioso Cazador Kennel

The dogs’ health forms the guiding principle and the very foundation of the De Furiozo Cazador breeding kennel.
With proper care, nurturing and affection, we aim to achieve the best qualities in this breed’s temperament, as well as the dogs’ hunting instincts.
The dogo is a pet and a friend, but first and foremost a guardian and a hunter, which we cherish and respect. He is joyful, open, submissive, friendly, quiet, and always aware of his strength. A dogo should never demonstrate aggression towards people and that is something that should be paid special attention to. As a hunter, the dogo is sharp, persistent, quiet and fearless.
Our main aim is to breed healthy dogs in accordance to the Standard in all respects.
All our dogs have undergone thorough medical examinations, such as hip and elbow dysplasia X-rays, BAER deafness testing, breeding permits, etc.
Should you opt for this beautiful and fascinating breed, we are always open for communication and will gladly answer all and any questions.

                                                                                                                                           Andrej Harcevic



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